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Temporary or eternal links?

eternal and temporary links

Website promotion in search engines is based on three types of work: internal optimization, creating a reference mass and improving behavioral factors.

Today we will talk about working with links and the so-called “reference promotion”. The first question asked by the webmaster, starting to promote the site. Which links to choose: eternal or temporary?

To begin, let’s compare both types, point by point. It is better to give preference to eternal links, therefore, first their advantages, and then their disadvantages.

Pluses of eternal links

  • The first factor is the guarantee and speed of indexing. If you buy links in new posts, you will be refunded money, if in the first three months the links disappears from the site.
  • Sites selling eternal links are banned much less frequently, since they do not include so-called “flashing links”. Think about it yourself, is there any point in buying links from a site that is soon likely to fall under some kind of filter.
  • Buying eternal links is much more profitable. Of course, the investment costs do not pay off immediately, but in a year you surely will be in plus.
  • Such links are most natural. Links from automatic exchanges are usually placed in sidebars or footers of sites. Accordingly, the ratio of search engines to eternal links is much better.

And now about the cons of eternal links

  • Eternal nothing happens. The link may be deleted, the site may stop working, and so on.
  • Price. If the project is designed for a short time, it is much more profitable to use temporary links.

No more negative points in the use of “links forever.” So if you really make a website for people and ready to invest good money in it, then your path is to buy eternal links. Eternal links are also great for effectively promoting an online store.

Crowd marketing offers eternal links

You can buy eternal crowd links from forums using our service. After all, we give a guarantee posted links. And if at some site the link is deleted, it will be replaced new one at the site with similar indicators. It is best to dilute the reference profile of the site from different quality sources.

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